Romeo and Juliet

Mercury Glass Theatre Company began its season by taking on Romeo and Juliet with a condensed rendition of Shakespeare’s most tragic love story. Verona is society built on mutual hatred and disgust whose ineffective spiritual rulers seem powerless to stop the city’s violence. In the end it is not the well-meaning priest, the family’s elders, nor the autocratic prince who is able to see past the hatred. The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet presents us with arguably the most perfect distillation of the madness, impossibility, and ease of young love: a love which destroys all bounds and through which we may all be able to see past a few of our own.

Measure for Measure

Vienna is a city of lapsed laws, of back-room deals, and flexible moralities. When the Duke mysteriously disappears from the city, Angelo, the substitute for the absent Duke, promises to bring back the rule of law and the Word of God. How will the citizens react to the changes in government? Will Angelo prove to be a just tyrant or a depraved hypocrite? And who is this meddlesome friar wandering around everywhere? This is the setting of William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure, the first full scale production Mercury Glass Theatre Company opening May 22nd for a 3 week run. We hope to see you there!

Edward II

Edward II uses the tumultuous history of 14th century England to tell a more intimate tale of the King's rise and fall. Marlowe asks, when the allure of power is calling, which should guide us most: family, love, or political gain? How does this affect our public appearance and our private desires? He challenges us to consider whether such distinctions are even possible. I think we're up to the task.